Who is KB the Messenger?

  Urban soul gospel music artist, K.B. the Messenger is a singer/songwriter/producer/and actor from Wyandanch, N.Y.  K.B. began at the age of three singing to the music he heard around the house. He started to develop as a songwriter by the age of 11. As time went on he started playing the saxophone and other woodwind/brass instruments also playing the drums. His father was one of his biggest influences, watching his dad sing at various Gospel concerts throughout his childhood. 

          When KB graduated high school and headed to his freshman year in college, he's focus shifted because he became a father. Knowing he had to support a child and go to school at the same time, it made him use his talents to make ends meet instead of going down the wrong road. KB started touring nationally and internationally singing R&B and Gospel music, singing with many groups, but most notable his dad’s group Gene Bridges & The Wings of Faith. As time went on, he began to develop his other talents as a music producer and recording engineer.  
          In 2003 KB decided to dedicate his life totally to the Lord. Later that same year, his father suffered an accidental tragic death which devastated KB and he went into depression, ready to give up his music career altogether. But through constant prayer and faith, he came out of depression and started to seek the word of God even more. KB became an ordained Deacon in 2007. That same year he decided to retire his dads group. After he took some time away from it all he felt it was time to get back to singing once again. Since KB went back to college and earned a degree in Business Management, he decided to make music work for him. KB is part of the music production team The Kollective Music Group and his debut solo project Redemption is out now.